ZDF Enterprises has assumed global distribution outside Ukraine, Russia and CIS of the Ukrainian crime drama series HIDE AND SEEK

• 04.03.2019

ZDF Enterprises has assumed global distribution outside Ukraine, Russia and CIS of the Ukrainian crime drama series HIDE AND SEEK (8x60'). Filming of the eight-part crime drama, that wrapped up mid-February, had taken place on over 80 locations in Ukraine. The series is currently in postproduction.

Starring Yulia Abdel Fattakh, Pyotr Rykov, Vyacheslav Dovzhenko and others, the series is produced by FILM.UA Group with producers Victor Mirsky, Olesya Lukyanenko and Andriy Ryzvanyuk. It is written by Oleksandr Protsiuk and directed by Iryna Gromozda.  Recently, FILM.UA Group has earned international recognition with the success of its detective series THE SNIFFER which was sold to Netflix and Amazon as well as channels in Asia (e.g. AXN Mystery Japan, NHK, K+ Vietnam), Finnish YLE1, MediaSet Spain, Telearagua in Venezuela and various clients in Central and Eastern Europe (e.g. PrimaTV, MarkizaTV, RTL Club Hungary, Channel One Russia, PulsTV, BTV).

HIDE AND SEEK will premiere on ICTV Ukraine in Fall 2019. The series gives the familiar noir genre a unique flavour and has an intricate storyline and is driven by unique characters. The eight-part crime drama integrates elements of noir and thriller, while revealing touching and intimate personal stories. The issue of missing children is discussed from a standpoint of morality rather than that of criminal justice, against the dreary atmosphere of a small industrial town - the haven of the displaced and the misfortunate.

In an ordinary looking apartment, a father and daughter play a game of hide-and-seek. While searching for his daughter, she is nowhere to be found... Later, a video is posted online which shows the girl holding a sign with a mysterious set of numbers. But what do they mean? She’s the first of several children who disappear without a trace in a small industrial town.

Young detectives Varta Naumova and Maksim Shumov take on the complex case and… their own demons. Varta is a distant person and extremely protective of her personal space, while Maksim comes across as an easy-going sociable guy. Both have experienced trauma in their lives, and this case touches them on a deeper level. They become personally vested in finding the children and apprehending the kidnapper as they face their respective pasts.

Robert Franke, VP ZDFE.drama at ZDF Enterprises:We have been looking with admiration towards FILM.UA for quite some time and are thrilled to now be partnering with them for the first time on this project. HIDE AND SEEK is a highly cinematic series and will be a highlight in our drama offerings for the upcoming MIPTV.”

Kateryna Vyshnevska, Head of Development and Co-Productions, FILM.UA Group:In this golden age of drama many international distributors know how to sell a good show, yet not so many have the vision to see that a good show can come from anywhere in the world, including Eastern Europe, and can be produced in any language. Ever since Bron / The Bridge, working with ZDF Enterprises has been an ambition of ours. They are certainly living up to the expectations and consistently amaze us with their unique mix of strategic thinking and passion for good content. We are proud ZDFE are the ones bringing HIDE AND SEEK to the international market.”