Felix Austria project to be presented in Spain

• 26.10.2018

The film made it to the five finalists of International Audiovisual Training for Feature Films  

On October 26-31, San Sebastian (Spain) will host International Audiovisual Training for Feature Films for the second time; it is organized by (H)emen Audiovisual Women’s Association with the support of  European Women’s Audiovisual Network (EWA). FelixAustriahistorical drama based on a novel with the same title by Ukrainian writer Sofia Andrukhovych is the only project from Ukraine selected to participate in the training. The film will be presented by its producer Nadia Zayonchkovska and director Khrystyna Syvolap.

“The fact that Felix Austria made it to the five finalists proves yet again the wide international potential of the future film. Woman, her sacrifices, love, destroyed illusions and a human’s strong willingness to hold on to the world invented by own subconsciousness – these were the themes raised in the novel and the film script.  They are universal and understandable for female audience all over the world. Numerous international translations also attest to that,” says Nadia Zayonchkovska, project producer. “The goal of our trip is to get feedback from professionals about our story, to gain support and to establish cooperation with (Н)emen, to obtain recommendations about the film’s positioning on the international market.”  

According to the producer, FelixAustriais at the stage of active preparation for the filming process. That is why an independent expert evaluation for the project from the industry’s recognized professionals would be extremely well-timed, as the main goal of the course is to provide the participants with the necessary skills to fully prepare the project for production launch and in the end to equip them with the instruments for the film’s successful release for wide international audience.

The filming of Felix Austria historical drama based on a novel with the same title by Sofia Andrukhovych will start in spring of the following year and take place in Ivano-Frankivsk with the support of city mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv. The premiere is planned for spring 2020. The lead role of Petro the sculptor, Adele Anger’s husband, will be played by Roman Lutsky, actor of Ivano-Frankivsk Academic Music and Drama Theatre.   

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Just a reminder: FelixAustrianovel is set in Stanislaviv (current Ivano-Frankivsk) of late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is a regular city on the outskirts of “happy Austria” where people live, suffer, experience unrequited love, become captivated with science and charlatan performances of globally known illusionists, have fun at balls and carnivals, go for walks and hide their secrets in carved cabinets. And against the background of an age with more and more myths about idyllic life appearing around it for the descendants, there are destinies of two women, servant Stefania and mistress Adele, entwined like tree trunks in an inseparable connection which does not allow to live, breathe, stay or leave.

Projectproducer: Nadia Zayonchkovska

Screenwriters: Alina Semeryakova in collaboration with Sofia Andrukhovych

Director: Khrystyna Syvolap

Genre: historical drama

Duration: 100 mins

Produced by: FILM.UA

Distributor: Volha Ukraina

Premiere: 2020