The Stolen Princess and The Stronghold continue traveling to Ukrainian cities

• 23.10.2018

Ukrainian Cinema Days project implemented by Molodist International Film Festival has completed its first tour in Ukrainian cities with no cinemas. Having shown to the residents of Beregove (Zakarpattya region) and Storozhyntsi (Chernivtsi region) contemporary Ukrainian films, the project continued its journey to the south of the country.  

  During the first tour, the residents of Beregove and Storozhyntsi saw the following films produced by FILM.UA Group:

The Stronghold (directed by Yuriy Kovalyov, 2017)

What Is Your Name? (directed by Iryna Gromozda and Svitlana Zaloga, 2018)

The Stolen Princess (directed by Oleg Malamuzh, 2018)

The tour also screened other Ukrainian films, namely Cyborgs, Thank You and A Foreign Prayer.  

Great interest was spurred by the screening of The Stolen Princess animated feature; in Storozhyntsi, a 600-seat hall could not accommodate everybody willing to see the cartoon.

The audience included students in elementary and secondary from all four schools in town, residents with small children, visitors from neighboring villages, etc.  

What Is Your Name? was presented by one of the film directors Svitlana Zaloga. The festival finished on October 20 with the screening of a family feature The Stronghold. It was presented by the film’s actor Roman Lutsky.          

Having showcased our contemporary cinema to the residents of two small towns in western Ukraine, Days of Ukrainian Cinema went to the south. On October 27-31 The Stronghold, The Stolen Princess and other Ukrainian films will be demonstrated in Chornomorsk (Odesa region), and on November 1-5, in Voznesensk (Mykolayiv region).


Ukrainian Cinema Days tour schedule

Chornomorsk, palace of culture (2 Korabelna street)

Thank You, The Gateway  27.10.18  18:00

A Foreign Prayer 28.10.18 18:00

Cyborgs  29.10.18  14:00

The Stronghold 30.10.18   14:00

The Stolen Princess   31.10.18  11:00

Thank You, The Gateway 01.11.18 14.00, 18.00

The Stolen Princess   14.00, 02.11.2018

Cyborgs  03.11.2018,  14.00, 18:00

A Foreign Prayer 04.11.2018,  14.00, 18.00

The Stronghold 05.11.2018,  14.00, 18.00

On October 10, Ukrainian Cinema Days started; it is a project implemented by Molodist International Film Festival with the support of Ministry for Information Policy. The goal of this initiative is to show contemporary Ukrainian films to the residents of Ukrainian cities with no cinemas.