Glowberry creative production publishes the first book from Brave Bunnies series based on animated TV show

• 18.10.2018

On October 21 a new publication for the youngest children, BraveBunniesintheJungle, will see the world and become the initial book of the series about bunnies’ adventures. You can become one of the first book owners and talk to its authors on October 20, at 11 AM in  Zelenka Coworking with Children (11/1 Yaroslaviv Val). Come by yourself or take your kids with you!

Brave Bunnies in theJ ungleis not just a book but an adventure and a game where courageous and inquisitive bunnies ardently get to know the unfamiliar world around them. They set out on journeys and find new friends on every page. This book is designed to develop children’s imagination and to understand the diversity of our world.

The author of bunny idea and creative concept of bunny world is Olga Cherepanova, author of many children’s books and producer of animated projects. The artist for the bunny world was Anna Sarvira, a recipient of international awards and illustrator of over 20 children’s publications. Natalia Pashko, practical psychologist at Municipal Center for Children, helped to make the material as useful and accessible for the youngsters as possible.  

“Understandable characters, the format of adventures and also the joint ritual play help the children develop empathy, accept others and learn something new. A meeting with each character is a new experience of communication and a new emotion. The book about Brave Bunnies can become a great family tradition of joint reading. It will also serve as a clue for parents telling them how to talk to children about the world’s diversity, the differences of others, the significance of various feelings and considerate treatment of one another,” says Natalia Pashko, child psychologist, sharing her thoughts about the book.

The extraordinary game book was created based on an animated serious for preschoolers, BraveBunnies.Glowberry creative production is the idea author and the developer of Brave Bunnies universe: TV show, series of books, souvenirs, mobile apps, etc. Now the animated series is in development stage but already attracts attention of professional media community. This autumn the project became a finalist at the pitching of a major TV animation festival Cartoon Forum and received a lot of positive feedback from the representatives of leading global TV channels.  

The concept, the visuals, the script, and the market potential are excellent. It is intriguing to find out the result. I want to see more!” said Sarah Muller, Vice President of Children’s and Youth Programming at Sony Pictures.

really liked the design of Bunnies characters and world and also cute childrenhumor and the global goal,” notes Henrietta Hurford-Jones, director of childrencontent at BBC Studios. 

You can get a taste of book characters from the teaser:

Just a reminder: the book’s official presentation will take place on October 20, at 11 AM in Zelenka Coworking with Children at 11/1 Yaroslaviv Val.

To find out how to buy BraveBunniesintheJungleand also other publications from Glowberry, go to our resources:

FYI: Glowberry isacreativeproductionstudiofoundedin 2009 andproducingmultimediacontentforchildren. In nine years of its functioning, Glowberry published over 30 printed books and interactive apps for kids played and read in more than 25 countries of the world.  

In 2016 thecompanybecamepartof FILM.UA Group, thebiggestmediaholdinginEasternEurope, andstarteddevelopingarangeofanimatedseriesforchildrenbasedon its successful projects. They include Mom Hurries Home and Brave Bunnies. 

Cartoon ForumisaTVanimationfestivalheldsince 1990. This year, the forum took place on September 10-13 in Toulouse and was visited by almost a thousand participants: broadcasters, investors and potential partners from more than 40 countries.