Yuriy Gorbunov, Potap and MONATIK invite to the backstage of Crazy Wedding

• 10.07.2018

Filming of celeb comedy feature finished. 

One French actor of African origin and 28 filming shifts, one crazy producer and a hundred people in a crazy team, two wedding loaves and three cakes, a special service squad with machine guns, a priest and a deacon, two wedding dresses, one wig and false moustache for the toast master, one heart attack and Oleg Vynnyk – and the filming of Crazy Wedding comedy feature was completed. The film will go into wide Ukrainian release on October 4.

What the film is about: Director of district local lore museum Vasyl Seredyuk sent his daughter Katya to study in France and never expected such a turn of fate: a month ago she informed she was getting married to a French doctor, heart surgeon François. “The Seredyuks are a European family!” – everybody in the neighborhood has heard this slogan from Vasyl. Imagine his surprise when he saw that his much-coveted European son-in-law is a Frenchman of African origin. Organizing a wedding so that it never happens seems like a brilliant idea. But when true love is in the way, the success of such plan is not a given…

“The filming went by very fast, like a skydiving experience. Agreed teamwork yielded its result, and now I have a gut feeling we have managed it all. On the big screen, the audience is in for a crazily dynamic and funny story, unexpected transformations of well-known Ukrainian actors and show business celebrities and also lots of surprises. However, it is for the viewers to decide whether we have managed everything – starting from October 4 in Ukrainian cinemas,” says film director Vlad Dykyi.  

The team of  MOZGI Entertainment producing centre has made a music video for the first soundtrack to Crazy Wedding – Promin’ (The Ray), dedicating this to the end of filming. The video includes footage from the filming set of teasers and the ceremony of breaking a crazy plate with the participation of film celebrity actors Yuriy Gorbunov, Oleksiy Potapenko (Potap) and MONATIK, and also lead actors Jimmy Voha-Voha, Polina Vasylyna and the film crew headed by director Vlad Dykyi.  


The lead roles in the film were played by Nazar Zadniprovsky (Vasyl Seredyuk, the bride’s father), French actor Jimmy Voha-Voha (François, the groom), Polina Vasylyna (Katya, the bride), Lesya Samayeva (Galyna, Vasyl’s wife), Oleksandr Kobzar (Taras, Vasyl’s neighbor), Vira Kobzar (Oksana, neighbor’s wife), Inna Prykhodko (Olga, neighbor’s daughter), Aram Arzumanyan (Ashot, neighbor’s son-in-law), and others. Show business celebs also joined the project – e.g., Potap and MONATIK who played Yevlampiy the priest and Pylypon the deacon, crazy producer Yuriy Gorbunov in the role of toast master Nazar Zapukhlyak and Oleg Vynnyk whose role is for now kept secret by the film authors.

Experimenting, leaving my comfort zone and doing something newall this is extremely interesting for me. Especially as the film was an opportunity to try myself out in an unusual role and moreover, in a comedy together with Potap,” says MONATIK commenting his participation in Crazy Wedding. “It was fascinating to get immersed in the filming process for a feature and to work with the team I am very grateful to for this new experience.”

Our director is cool, modern, agile and smart guy who films totally classical things in very trendy way. On the set, there is freedom of actionhe inspires to work and you immediately want to be creativeso in the process we came up  with lot of interesting content for our episode,” says Potap. “I feel very comfortable in this image. Besides, it is not new for me – I have already tried it on in music videos and humorous sketches. Yevlampiy the priest is an interesting collective image of clergy swindlers, which does not mock at the church in any way.”

Just a reminder, the producing center of Oleksiy Potapenko (Potap) and Iryna Gorova  MOZGI Entertainment became the film’s co-producer. Hit soundtracks are created exclusively for the project by Potap, film’s music producer. And the first official sountrack to the comedy, Promin, was performed together by MOZGI, Michelle Andrade, and Vremya i steklo.   

After wide theatrical release the TV premiere of Crazy Wedding will take place on air of 1+1 TV channel.  

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Crazy Wedding comedy became one of the winners of the 10th competitive selection by Ukrainian State Film Agency. The film’s total budget is 10.8 million UAH; out of those, the Agency’s portion amounted to 1.18 million UAH.  

Genre: crazy comedy

Timing: 90 mins

Premiere: October 4, 2018

Distributor: MMD

Director: Vlad Dykyi

DOP: Tim Avramchuk

Producers: Yuriy Gorbunov, Iryna Kostyuk, Nadia Korotushka  

Co-producer: MOZGI Entertainment

Music producer: Oleksiy Potapenko (Potap)

Screenwriters: Mykola Kutsyk, Oleksiy Prykhodko

Cast: Nazar Zadniprovsky, Jimmy Voha-Voha, Polina Vasylyna, Oleksandr Kobzar, Vira Kobzar, Lesya Samayeva, Inna Prykhodko, Aram Arzumanyan, Yuriy Gorbunov, Oleksiy Potapenko (Potap), MONATIK, Oleg Vynnyk, and others  

Production: Prototype Production, FILM.UA Group with the support of Ukrainian State Film Agency  

Before, Prototype Production struck a deal with FILM.UA Group on providing a full package of services on special conditions for production, promotion and distribution of Crazy Wedding in the framework of FILM.UA Group package proposal for projects supported by Ukrainian State Film Agency.