Stop! Cut! “Better Than Anyone” has finished filming

• 05.07.2018

On July 4th, the four-episode series “Better Than Anyone”, a joint project of FILM.UA Studio and TV channel "Ukraine”, has finished principal photography.

This is a story about a talented piano player Masha, who goes through a series of difficult trials in her search for a place under the sun. After a terrible accident, Masha abandons her dreams about the stage, moves to the capital and starts her life from scratch. Masha's personal life isn’t so simple either, as she will have to endure deceit and betrayal, she will make mistakes and fall in love again, and when she finally meets a real man, she will suddenly doubt her choice...


The role of the lead character was played by Kyiv actress Alexandra Epstein. She plays both a girl and a young woman. The actress believes that in the depths of her soul, her character has remained a maximalist and refuses to accept compromises.

“Masha is very naive, she doesn’t expect the tricks that this world is about to throw at her, and that’s what I find attractive about her. It’s very important that she maintains her ingénue character and doesn’t turn into a cynic”.

Incidentally, the actress herself graduated from a music school and plays the piano, so that she understands her character well and admits that sometimes she plays the instrument herself:

“Needless to say, one needs constant practice, but I play for myself. Especially when I’m impressed or when my heart is full of emotions.”

(A full interview with actress Alexandra Epstein can be found here).


Photography took place in different locations in Kyiv: in houses on Khreshchatyk street and Pechersk district, at ​​the Expocenter of Ukraine and the picturesque park "Natalka" on the slopes of the Dnieper, as well as other places...

The scenes of a family feast were filmed in one of the houses on Desiatynna street. It was that rare day when the whole film family came together: the lead character is 18-year-old Masha, her mother Anna, older sister Nadiya together with her husband Serhiy and little daughter Sophia.All characters are still happy and hopeful. They plan their lives, but little do they know that everything is bound to change fatally very soon.


In addition to Alexandra Epstein, Dmitry Sova, Tala Kalatay, Inna Miroshnychenko, actor Dmytro Pchela starred in the series as well.

Dmytro Pchela plays the leading male role in the series. Here is what touches him about his character Serhii:

“When I read the script, I was very moved by the scene where my character said farewell to his first wife. It was then that I realized that I wanted to play Serhii. It was also interesting for me to show how a person gradually emerges from a difficult crisis and rebuilds their life..."


However, the actor does not consider his character to be completely positive. He tells us frankly why many of his colleagues are so fond of playing negative characters.

“The negative characters tend to have a wider and richer palette of emotions; they are more dynamic and authentic. These characters always have a specific mission — to ruin, break, take revenge, and they are very clear about what they want. And unlike them, the goals of the positive characters often seem blurred. Personally, it’s very interesting for me to justify the motives of the “bad” characters – I love doing this!”

(A full interview with actor Dmytro Pchela can be found here).


So, 20 rich and dynamic scenes have finished filming.Due to his tight schedule, director Maksym Bernadskyi couldn’t answer all of our questions (because unlike actors, the director works at the set from morning till night), but he did say a few words about his new project:

“This film is about the way relationships can grow difficult between people. For it's not easy to find the right kind of person and to believe in love."


A complete interview with the main person on the set is coming up in the near future. Keep up with our posts and don't switch the channel!

Directed by: Maxim Bernadskyi

Director of Photography: Vadym Savytskyi

Produced by: Victor Mirsky, Yevgeny Lyashchenko, Natalya Strybuk, Iryna Chernyak, Olena Malkova, Kateryna Shvets

Written by: Olena Vezrak, Victoria Avdeyenko, Nadia Komarovskaya, Lev Karpov

Cast: Dmytro Pchela, Alexandra Epstein, Tala Kalatay, Dmitry Sova, Ihor Pasich, Daryna Panasenko, Yakov Kucherevsky, Inna Miroshnichenko and others.