LookIn2Art – secrets of the specialists

• 03.07.2018

Joint educational initiative by FILM.UA Group and LG Electronics companies is the first Ukrainian project with Ukrainian speakers only.

The LookIn2Art is 20 educational videos with Ukrainian speakers. There are short cycles by specialists about the most important in profession in 4K format to cash in all details. We are going to unfold all professional secrets and then create the educational base in audiovisual arts that could be open for everyone who wants to join the profession. New educational project LookIn2Art is on the initiative of FILM.UA Group and with the assistance of LG Electronics. The idea of this cycle appeared thanks to great experience in work with such projects, which both companies have enough. 

Considering this, we decided to create the cycle of educational programs with the Ukrainian specialists in audiovisual arts, which could be equal in quality with master classes, which involve big names of Hollywood productions. Yaroslav Danylchenko (photographer), Maksym Ponomarchuk (Pie Post Production) and Kristian Koskinen (Animagrad) are the experts of the project.

Experienced Ukrainian founders of the studios and heads of the companies are in the LookIn2Art Project. Skilled Ukrainian professionals in photography, sound and color works, specialists in special effects creation and other masters took a part in it. In the short cycles, all of them will talk about their professions using examples of real cases and will do some practice. Every speaker shares his own experience in hope that this will be useful for beginners or amateurs who want to improve their level.

You can check out the project by link.

“Ukrainian specialists working in the media industry have not only high competence and unique experience, but also a desire to share it. – commented Viktoriya Yarmoshchuk, head of the educational project FILM.UA Faculty, CEO in MRM company. – The specialists who create visual effects are members of prestigious international communities, Ukrainian photographers and operators become international awards winners, Ukrainian sound professionals have been collaborating with the world’s largest studios for a long time. They have something to tell and it is good that they can do that not only in live workshops and seminars, but also with help of video content. I wish the LookIn2Art project to have a huge audience, and the audience of bright projects to its speakers, and I hope that this is just the beginning of a great story.”

“LG Electronics collaborates worldwide with photo and video makers and top-notch gamers to create monitors that enhance professional capabilities, says Olena Blokhina, LG Electronics Ukraine. – We were motivated by this and backed up the initiative, and invited the speakers of the LookIn2Art project to use monitors from the professional LG UltraWide lineup for the preparation of courses. Thus, while working on the project, we received very valuable professional feedbacks from people for whom the monitor is an important tool for everyday activities.”

The project team hopes that the cycle will be the first step and will inspire colleagues to create such educational content that will become a platform for beginners and speed up the emergence of new professionals in Ukraine. In addition, it will encourage the exchange of experience among specialists in order to improve the overall professional level in the field.