Kyiv Metro has a new voice!

• 11.06.2018

Kyiv underground has started recording audio announcements broadcast in the trains. The partner in this field of passenger interaction is Tak Treba Production.

“The need for re-recording the announcements has become apparent a while ago. Petrivka station was renamed to Pochaina; announcer Mykola Petrenko who the enterprise cooperated with before left this world; and besides, some texts require changes and updates,” says Natalka Makogon, counselor to Kyiv Underground director.

The underground worked on different options for content creation. The essential factors were the following: working with professional equipment, including both voice recording and processing, independence from the human element, availability of product copyright, and high-quality material.

“After looking at a range of proposals we understood that it would be best to request professionals and market leaders in this segment. The company agreed to start a long-term social project with the underground free of charge,” adds the underground representative.

Presently fundamental Ukrainian content has been created, i.e., station names, warnings about closing doors, next-station announcements, etc. These records will appear in all trains within two following weeks starting from the blue line. Just as before, the English version will be voiced by a native speaker.

“During voice selection and testing we used our database of voice talents and many years of work experience in various mass campaigns. This not-for-profit project is our investment in quality changes to the capital and its infrastructure,” says Dmytro Melnyk, company director.

“We are happy to join the Kyiv Underground project! Before, we cooperated on FILM.UA projects and their promotions on the metro, and now we did something useful for the public enterprise as well,” says Polina Tolmachova, PR and marketing director at FILM.UA Group.

Kyiv Underground is the main transport artery of the city. It services more than half of total passenger transportation. Presently the enterprise consists of three lines with total length of 70 kilometers and 52 functioning stations. Every day, the underground transports about 1.5 million passengers

Tak Treba Production is a multimedia company specializing in dubbing, sound recording, voice selection, translations and subtitling for adapting international films, series, and animation. Tak Treba Production is a part of FILM.UA Group, the biggest Eastern European vertically integrated group of companies in TV and film production, which is located in the Ukrainian capital.