Animated series Mom Hurries Home was the only project from Ukraine that was selected to participate in the main Scandinavian media forum for children

• 13.03.2018

Besides Mom, there are going to be 24 more animation teams on the pitching. Participants from Germany, Norway, Belgium, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Denmark and Ireland will present their projects at pitching sessions. The session for one team lasts 10 minutes: 5 minutes allocated for presentation of the project by its producers, and 5 minutes for expert assessment. Interested distributors will appoint participants to individual meetings after the pitching.

"We are very pleased that the project Mom Hurries Home has got the attention of Scandinavian professionals. Last year one of the Glowberry’s books was published in Sweden, and we hope that cooperation with Scandinavian countries will extend", shared Olga Cherepanova, director and creative producer of Glowberry.

In the autumn 2017, another book of the publishing house, The First Trip, was issued in Stockholm. Glowberry team worked on it with Kyiv artist and writer Tatiana Goryushina from 2014 to 2016. Since 2009 Tatyana has been working in Sweden, and now she lives there and has already established her own Tyanachu publishing house. The First Trip was realesed under this brand in autumn, and the book immediately gained the love of adults and children. The success of the book in Sweden has shown great opportunities for the distribution of Glowberry projects within the Scandinavia.

FYI: The Ukrainian creative production of multimedia content for children Glowberry was founded in 2009. The company began with the creation of illustrated books for children, in 2010 developed the first in Ukraine book application for iPad, and currently is also developing a children’s animated series Mom Hurries Home. Glowberry Production became part of the FILM.UA Group in 2016.

Mom Hurries Home is a series continuing a successful brand: a book with the same title was published in Ukrainian in 2010 and very soon became popular among children and their parents. An interactive version of the book for Android and IOS enjoys immense success and has been downloaded over 50,000 times. The book was republished several times in Russia, and this summer the book was published in China. Mom Hurries Home is an animated series for children and adults alike who believe in miracles and magic which can happen right on the familiar city streets and even in the comfort of one’s own home. Lyosha’s mom and dad always hurry home to their son Lyosha (Lesyk in Ukrainian) and find themselves in magic adventures and surprising situations. But they still make it to the family dinner on time. As for their stories, they inspire Lyosha and his friends for their own new games and adventures.

Since 2016, Glowberry works together with Ukrainian studio Animagrad on creation of an animation series based on Mom Hurries Home. In 2017, the project was selected to take part in five key events of the world's animation industry: the Animation Production Day in Stuttgart, the CARTOON 360 in Barcelona, ​​the pitching of Annecy Animation Festival, the Co-Production Forum in Toulouse and pitching at the Ottawa International Animation Festival Ottawa. The idea of ​​the series and its visualization received positive feedback from experts in the international film market, and representatives of Western animation studios got interested in the joint production of the project.

In June 2017, the animated series “Mom Hurries Home” won the 10th Contest held by the Ukrainian State Film Agency and was awarded state financing in the amount of 40% of the film’s total budget.