Kinorob Screens a Costume Drama about Anna de Kiev

• 01.06.2017

Kinorob continues its active work on a costume drama Anna de Kiev (working title), jointly produced by Ukraine (Kinorob) and France (DADAFILMS). The film will be directed by a winner of three Césars Yves Angelo; the principal man behind the camera is Sergey Mikhalchuk. The biopic shooting is planned for summer and autumn of 2018 in France and Ukraine, and general release of Anna de Kiev is expected in 2019.   

The plot of Anna de Kiev is based on a historical novel of a French writer Jacqueline Dauxois entitled Anna de Kiev, Queen of France. This is a story about Kiev princess Anna, the daughter of Yaroslav the Wise, who became a French queen. After Henry marries Anna, France enters its time of prime. It is Anna who inspires the king for good and great actions. With the help of weapons and diplomacy Henry and Anna defeat enemies, extend their territories and bring peace and calm to those.  


Kinorob started working on Anna de Kiev costume drama in 2016. Presently the film is in script finalization stage, and the shooting crew has been approved.

Anna de Kiev project will be implemented under a co-production agreement between Ukraine and France. Our main goal is to create a hiqh-quality historical film for wide audience understood by the audience in Ukraine, France, and other countries,” says Egor Olesov, project producer. “Besides, the film will showcase to the public the extraordinary importance the dynasty of Yaroslav the Wise has played in the establishment of French national identity. The story of Anna de Kiev can become a turning point for rethinking the geopolitical role of Ukraine during the last 1,000 years, which is especially pertinent in the conditions of Ukraine’s current comeback to Europe and fight for its identity.”

The historical figure of Anna de Kiev is full of energy, and today it draws great attention just like 1,000 years ago, becoming a subject of history disputes in contemporary Europe. Our film’s mission is to provide an exhaustive answer about the origins of Kiev princess, the queen of France,” says Oksana Melnichuk, project producer.


Director: Yves Angelo

DOP: Sergey Mikhalchuk

Artistic director: Vlad Odudenko

Screenwriter: Jacqueline Dauxois

Producers: Egor Olesov (Battle for Sevastopol, The Stronghold, Polina), Oksana Melnichuk

Production: Kinorob, DADAFILMS

Timing: 120 mins