No One Will Go Untreated! TV Channel Ukraine to Show New Episodes of Doctor on Call

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• 13.01.2017

On January 31, 2017 TV Channel Ukraine will premiere 40 new episodes of the first Ukrainian-language medical drama Doctor on Call. TheseriesisproducedbyFILM.UA.   

Filming of season two for Ukrainian-language medical drama Doctor on Call is nearing its end. Very soon, the audience of TV Channel Ukraine will bear witness to new interpersonal dramas erupting every day in the emergency room and will get to know the main characters a little bit better, including their families and loved ones.

One of the project directors Alexander Onufriyev noted that season two focuses more on the patients’ personal dramas and the relationships among lead characters, but still keeps a humorous touch.

If the first season was much simpler, this time Doctor on Call will surprise the audience with the quality of complicated surgery scenes. Though a lot of tears and blood are to be expected, positive emotions will still be there! We all understand that it would be very hard to live without humor; it helps us and supports us even in the saddest situations,” says director Alexander Onufriyev.


Ilona Legchilo, makeup artist, told us that during the filming of Doctor on Call second season she had to dedicate much of her time to studying human anatomy, because creating organs and showing a process of childbirth are no easy tasks. The filming crew of the project used some help from professional doctors who consulted the group both during the screenwriting stage and at the set in surgery rooms.

“You can’t fool the doctors of course. But we tried so hard that the viewer won’t be able to tell the difference between real human organs and artificial ones. To recreate a section of flesh, one first has to understand how it looks in reality. We had to study surgery processes and anatomy in detail. Each dummy in the series has a lot of meticulous work and medicine studies behind it. I’ll be honest, you can expect some action!”, says Ilona.  

The filming of 40 episodes for season two started in summer 2016 and took place in Kyiv, in a FILM.UA pavilion. Now Doctor on Call team is carrying on with its work on season three.

The series plot is based on stories about everyday work of an emergency room where the doctors don’t just treat patients but also help them with personal issues.


The lead roles in the film will be played by the audience’s favorite Ukrainian actors Mikhail Zhonin, Ruslan Sokolnik, Mikhail Romanov, Irina Tkalenko, Nadezhda Levchenko and many others.  

Directors: Alexander Onufriyev, Andrey Kolesnik.  

Creative producer and lead writer: Yulia Mischenko

Producers: Irina Kostyuk, Anna Yeliseyeva, Elena Kanishevskaya

Executive producer: Ella Boblenyuk

Just a reminder: Doctor on Call is the first Ukrainian-language series with a medical theme. It was premiered in May 2016 on TV Channel Ukraine. A team of professionals from FILM.UA is working on this project.

Don’t miss the sequel to the first Ukrainian-language medical drama Doctor on Call starting from January 31 on TV Channel Ukraine.

We express our thanks to TV Channel Ukraine for the materials used in this article