40+, or The Geometry of Love. Start of Filming for a New Movie by Oksana Bayrak

• 28.09.2016

FILM.UA and Oksana Bayrak Studio started filming a four-episode melodrama entitled 40+, or The Geometry of Love. The film is to be premiered in early 2017 on STB channel.  

In faraway 1996, little girls with big ambitions imagined a sort of dolce vita for themselves: love forever, supersmart children, incredible wealth – in short, total happiness. And they were convinced that it would be just like that. In 20 years, when we meet our characters again, they are the same lively girls though a bit beaten by life. However, they are still positive about things happening to them. This is how Oksana Bayrak, the director of famous Aurora and popular Woman’s Intuition, Love Cardiograms, My New Life and other films, tells about her new creation.  

If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans, as the saying goes. The destinies of Masha, Tatyana and Alina totally attest to that. Once, they predicted happy life for themselves, and everything seemingly came true, but as if in a distorted mirror. Lonely Masha who has had a brilliant career still cannot forget her first love. Alina, tired of being a wife of unrecognized genius, finds consolation in a mind-blowing affair with a married man. Tatyana who looks so happy in her marriage secretly dreams about children… Will our characters manage to regain their strength after numerous trials and tribulations? Will they be too afraid of changing their lives to become happy?  

When my mom, the best woman on this planet, was celebrating her 35th birthday, she said that since that moment she’d be a woman without age. And she still adheres to this rule. I was totally delighted to hear that! So for my 40th birthday I declared the same. My axiom has always been that we always look the way we feel inside. This statement will become the basis of a new film, and I hope that it will help lots of 40-year-old women to feel strength, inspiration, joy, and a new breath of youth, which will make them soar above ground with happiness, says Oksana Bayrak. 

Oksana Bayrak has to work with a new cast, but does not worry about the filming at all. Smiling, she says:   

When the project is born in absolute love, when you love actors and every person from the film crew, a brilliant and high-quality film is born. Now I enjoy working with new actors, Ira Yefremova and Andrey Stoyanov, and Klava Drozd, Mila Sivatskaya and Olya Beryozkina brought out the 18-year-old me on the very first day of shooting, without even knowing it. So you’ll be right to expect yet another masterpiece from Her Majesty Oksana Bayrak (laughs). 


Producers: Viktor Mirsky, Oksana Bayrak

Director: Oksana Bayrak

Director of Photography: Igor Scherbakov

Screenwriters: Oksana Bayrak, Galina Salgarelli

Cast: Irina Yefremova, Mila Sivatskaya, Andrey Stoyanov, Oleg Maslennikov-Voytov, Anastasiya Bunina, Klavdiya Drozd-Bunina, Sergey Frolov, Ivan Kolesnikov, Olga Sidorova, Olga Beryozkina, Dmitry Mazurov, Dmitry Tuboltsev, Stalina Vasilyevna Lagoshnyak, Dmitry Saranskov, Aleksandr Loginov, Oksana Voronina, Yelena Radevich, Irina Kalashnikova-Melnik, Vasily Shepel