Animagrad studio’s feature animated film projects won Ukrainian State Film Agency Pitching

• 21.09.2016

Two feature animated film projects by Animagrad animation studio - The Stolen Princess and Mavka. The Forest Song - became winners of the 9th Film projects selection of the Ukrainian State Film Agency, and will consequently receive state financial support, as was announced at the resulting press conference on September, 21.

Animagrad studio’s entries to 9th Selection were ranked at the top of the runner-ups list, which consisted of 88 film projects, with the scores of 41.67 (Mavka. The Forest Song) and 40.83 (The Stolen Princess). Projects will receive state financial support covering 30% of the budget.

The Stolen Princess is an adventurous love story between wandering actor and King’s daughter, which gets abducted by evil sorcerer. Movie’s universe is designed after history and legends of Kievan Rus’. ‘We’ve worked on the script for over the year. As a result, we’ve managed to create a truly unique world, full of magic, adventure and love’ - says Yaroslav Voytseshek, film’s screenwriter. The Stolen Princess is in production, first teaser is to be released in October, and delivery date is set on the end of 2017. It was announced earlier, that film’s television release in Ukraine will be supported by the big national broadcaster, the ‘Novyi Kanal’ channel.

Animated feature Mavka. The Forest Song is a modern interpretation of classic work of Ukrainian literature and of ancient Slavic myths. The famous plot by Lesia Ukrainka is adapted for a modern audience in fantasy format, with humour and adventurous elements. Film’s animation will be based upon traditional Ukrainian folk culture elements - patterns, ornaments, motifs, symbols (used in Ukrainian embroidered shirts - vyshyvanka’s and decorated Easter Eggs - pysanka’s) and even landscapes. Character’s costumes will be developed by established Ukrainian fashion designer Olga Navrotska (NAVRO), and original soundtrack will be composed by ‘DakhaBrakha’ music artists. Mavka. The Forest Song is at the stage of development; delivery date is set on the end of 2018.

‘Mavka, as such a significant and powerful female character, deserves to reach the world, and the world will love her. And for Ukraine this project is so important, unprecedented and unique, that I believe that it just has to be done with the support of the State’ - says Iryna Kostyuk, film’s producer.

‘We are grateful to the experts for their high estimation of our project’s, and we have no doubts that the decision to support us will have positive impact on the overall development of the Ukrainian animation industry. Both projects are developed in line with the strategy, according to which our Animagrad animation studio will release a feature animated movie annually, starting with 2017. For now, our main goal is to create great mainstream animation content, which can be distributed basically all over the world. To achieve this, we have combined the maximum potential of the creative team and the latest technology. We have already inked deals for full distribution rights to the animated feature 'The Stolen Princess' to KLB Company in France and French-speaking territories, ProFilms in Bulgaria, Cinema 24 in Iran and Polsat media group in Poland’ - says Egor Olesov, producer and Head of Animagrad animation studio.

According to the official statement of the Ukrainian State Film Agency, the 9th Film projects selection has scored a record number of film projects applying for state funding. Out of 172 film projects applied to competition, 48 will be financially supported by Ukraine’s Ministry of Culture Affairs.