In July 2016, Red Queen Series Made it to TOP 100 of Amazon Most Watched Videos

• 08.09.2016

In June Red Queen, a 12-episode drama series produced by FILM.UA, appeared on Amazon Prime Instant Video, a major VOD service. An epic dramatic story filmed in a credible setting and using magnificent costumes restoring the ambience of 1960-70s has turned out to be so much to the taste of the audience that the series made it to TOP 100 Amazon most watched videos in July.  


We are very proud of this result because the very publication of two of our series on a VOD service (the first being The Sniffer published on the platform in March) with about 70 million subscribers according to the latest data testifies to the competitiveness of our product. And the US and Canada audience singling Red Queen out of 50,000 titles in Amazon library means real success. The average ranking of TV and film content on the platform is 3.6, and Red Queen has scored 4.7.  

By the way, this success is also expressed in a monetary equivalent: in May, the company announced the launch of a new service, Amazon Video Direct, to become a worthy competitor of YouTube belonging to Google. Additionally, video authors obtain a portion of their revenue from Prime subscription, content sales and distribution, contributions and advertising placement. Along with that, an encouragement model for users is envisaged; according to it, a sum of 1 million USD is distributed monthly among 100 most popular channels and authors. And it is very soon that we’ll find out which part of the Amazon’s much-coveted million will end up in our hands.