Novy Channel Becomes Co-Producer of The Stronghold

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• 02.09.2016

The first Ukrainian superhero fantasy film, The Stronghold, has got a new co-producer – Novy Channel, which had been previously named as the film’s media partner. This change of status means that the channel’s involvement into The Stronghold’s fate in the box office will grow exponentially.

The Novy Channel’s CEO Volodymyr Lokotko says, "The structure of the commercial film industry is such that promotion and marketing play an essential role in a film’s box office success. This is exactly what Novy Channel will take care of as a co-producer. An effective promo campaign is even more important in Ukraine, since our audience in general doesn’t trust our cinema industry. We need to create motivation, an emotional impetus which would translate into people buying tickets and going to the theater to watch The Stronghold. And when they are there, our colleagues from FILM.UA will deliver: the movie looks very promising."

In addition, the StarLightMedia Group, which Novy Channel is a part of, will partially undertake negotiations with potential sponsors willing to present their brands in The Stronghold through product placement.

‘I believe that our strategic partnership with StarLightMedia and involving Novy Channel as co-producer will shore up the film’s position through marketing strategy and allow to attract more people to the theaters. We always welcome effective and trustworthy partners,’ says the movie’s producer Yehor Olesov.

The StrongholdA solar eclipse activates a magic time portal, and a regular schoolboy Victor from the 21st century goes a thousand years back in time. It doesn’t take Vitya long to recognize the legendary bogatyrs in young Alyoshka, powerful Ilya and severe Dobrynya. Their life passes in fighting cumans who try to destroy Rusichi at any cost,using both weapons and black magic. Vitya finds himself in the very midst of incredible events, battles with mythical creatures and acquires real courage.

Genre: fantasy, adventure

Director: Yuri Kovaliov

Director of Photography: Yuri Korol

Cast: Daniil Kamensky, Eva Koshevaya, Roman Lutsky, Oleg Voloshchenko, Georgy Dereviansky, Slava Krasovskaya, Natalia Sumskaya, Alexander Komarov, Erzhan Nurymbet, Erbolat Toguzakov, Ivan Denisenko 

Awards: Award of Excellence: Movie Trailer, Accolade Global Film Competition 2016