"Zarady Nas": TNMK wrote a song for the reality show "Patrol Officers"

• 12.02.2016

Popular Ukrainian band TNMK wrote the soundtrack for the new reality show "Patrol Officers",  produced by ICTV in association with FILM.UA and National Police of Ukraine.

The song called "Zarady Nas" (For us) has no direct reference to the subject of the patrol police, however it words call for mutual respect and mutual responsibility between society and the newly created police: "If you believe genetic scientists that all people in the world have a common gene, it becomes clear that we are all relatives to one extent or another. It would be great if the new patrol officers remembered about it every day while serving the country. That's when happiness occurs in Ukraine, - says Fagot, frontman of the band. - Everything will depend on real people, who are the face of the state on the streets. Yes, it will not be easy, because during the Soviet Union the image of the authorities was spoiled, however without a try nothing will ever be attempted, so we'll make it!" 

The full version of the song can be found here

Premiere of the project about everyday work of patrol officers in a genre of observational factual reality is scheduled for March 1st. The program will broadcast from Thursday to Friday at 6.00 p.m.

In every episode of the program "Patrol officers" film crew, together with the police units will patrol the streets in different cities of Ukraine - Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv, Lviv. Along with the Police viewers will witness pursuits, arrests, traffic accidents and other dangerous situations, will find out about the duties, responsibilities and powers of the new police force. All episodes of the program is a picture of an everyday life of these policemen, which is gathered on the basis of reportage photography and video materials from the police officers' cameras.