Okean Elzy at Sofiis'ka Square on the City Day

• 28.05.2015

May 29th, within the celebration of the City Day, film OE. 20 LIVE IN KYIV will be shown at Sofiis'ka Square. We invite residents and guests of the city to join the feast, sing your favorite songs and see an incredible show in the open.

More than 75,000 fans from all over the world attended the anniversary show “Okean Elzy – 20 years Together” at the NSC “Olimpiyskyi” in Kyiv, on 21 June 2014, which is the official national record.

There were 35 songs performed, 20 of which were selected by OE members to be included into the theatrical version of the show OE.20 LIVE IN KYIV. A set list includes the greatest hits such as “Vstavay”, “Bilshe Dlia Nas”, “Vidchuvayu”, “Model”, “Kavachay”, “Drug”, “Bez Boyu”, “Na Nebi”, a special track “Na Linii Vogniu”, dedicated to the Heroes of Ukraine, and other songs.

Andy Horner, a world-famous British cinematographer (Depeche Mode, AC/DC, Pet Shop Boys) was invited by FILM.UA to run the shooting of OE.20 LIVE IN KYIV. The latest hi-end technologies together with 17 cameras were employed during filming. Autonomous Time Laps Point was used to perform all the changes of the Olimpiyskyi Stadium during the stage building, equipment settlement, with tens of thousands of fans filled the floor, and returning back to its usual state. 

The latest audio recording technologies were used to capture the unique vibrations and give cinemagoers an opportunity to feel themselves like a part of OE live performance. 

The show of OE. 20 LIVE IN KYIV at Sofiis'ka Square will be held with the support of "Multiplex".

Day: May 29

Location: Sofiis'ka Square

Start: 21:30