WTW Films

WTW Films Limited functions as a television and film products licensing and distribution company with activities focused on and around Ukraine, Russia and other CIS countries. The CIS audio-visual marketplace is rapidly developing. It is now able to offer high-quality products from all genres to meet the growing demands of demanding international audiences.

The list of our long-term partners on the CIS marketplace includes a wide range of national broadcasters, distribution companies and cable operators, primarily in Ukraine and Russia. In the last two years, WTW Films has also established partnership contacts in Moldova and Belarus, with more countries to be added in the near future.

Through our extensive partnership network WTW Films also offers both co-production partners and those seeking high quality but cost effective production services a significant array of film production opportunities in Ukraine and other CIS countries, inclusive of all administrative, production and postproduction facilities.

WTW Films also act as qualified media consultants and analysts supplying data researches from international and CIS media, advertising, programming and production markets.

We continue to be a growing player in the exclusive distribution niche and are consistently expanding our activities. Participation in all the major film and television markets (including the MIPCOM, MIPTV, NATPE, ATF), the strategic location of our office and tailor-made marketing strategies all make WTW Films unique in ultimately bringing the best of TV and film entertainment to and from the CIS.

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