• Genre: melodrama
  • Type: series
  • Year: 2021
  • Status: completed
  • Production: Mamas production
  • Running time: 8 x 47 min

The key theme is the midlife crisis. The destinies and histories of the main characters are closely intertwined with each other. In the focus of attention is a married couple - Vera and Oleg Lapin, who are 17 years together, and from the fire of their love left only ashes. They are raising a teenage daughter and a young son. It seems that the spouses have been together so long that they already know everything about each other. But Oleg and Vera began to drift apart. Oleg's next birthday will begin with a rather unpleasant surprise - dismissal from his position as a lawyer. Last hopes the birthday boy will put on a friendly atmosphere in the company of old friends and peaceful nature. But the evening will prepare a present from which later all present will freeze the blood... After this fateful night the life of the heroes will never be the same, all the skeletons in the closets of the heroes will be found...

Director: Iryna Gromozda
Producer: Alla Lypovetska, Maryna Kvasova
Scriptwriter: Tatyana Paley, Simor Glasenko

Anna Kuzina, Kyrylo Zhandarov, Vira Kobzar, Maxim Devizorov, Anna Tambova, Lyudmila Zagorska, Oleksandr Kobzar, Roman Vyskrebentsev, Maria Stopnyk, Petro Ninevskyi