• Genre: melodrama
  • Type: series
  • Year: 2019
  • Status: completed
  • Production: FILM.UA , TV channel "Ukraine"
  • Running time: 4 х 45 mins

Dasha will soon turn 30 but she still hasn’t found her love and place in life. Dasha is a talented artist but after an unhappy affair her inspiration has left her and now she works as a designer in an advertising agency. Dasha also cannot pass by any injustice or a person requiring help.
Once Dasha meets Oleg, a musician, and it seems that she has finally found her happiness. But soon it turns out that Oleg was lying to her: he is married. Dasha breaks up with Oleg and becomes convinced yet again that she’s a loser. Unexpectedly destiny prepares another meeting for her – with Anastasia, Oleg’s wife. The woman suffers because of her husband’s cheating and accuses Dasha of everything. During the conversation Anastasia starts feeling unwell, and Dasha finds out that Anastasia is gravely ill. Only Yevgeniy Shangin, a famous doctor, can save her but it is very hard to get to him. And then Dasha decides to help. She goes to Shangin to persuade him to receive Anastasia. This meeting changes everything in Dasha’s life…

Director: Volodymyr Melnychenko
Producer: Viktor Mirsky, Yevgen Lyaschenko, Natalia Strybuk, Iryna Chernyak, Olena Malkova, Kyrylo Horobets
Director of photography: Andriy Samarets
Scriptwriter: Natalia Afinogenova

Kateryna Varchenko, Prokhor Dubravin, Olena Yabluchna, Roman Matsyuta, Oleksiy Trytenko, Liza Mayska, Oleksiy Nagrudny, and others.