The Cuckoo Clock

  • Genre: melodrama, detective
  • Type: series
  • Year: 2019
  • Status: completed
  • Production: FILM.UA , TV channel "Ukraine"
  • Running time: 4 х 46 mins

Katya Yudina has been very lucky in her life. She was born in a closely knit and wealthy family, she has a great boyfriend, this year she is to graduate from architecture college, and job offers are already flowing in. It seems like Katya has received a golden ticket in her life. But suddenly Katya’s mom Elena dies in strange circumstances. And just in two months Katya’s father Mikhail gets married for the second time. His new wife, beautiful Natalia, is just a couple of years older than Katya herself. Natalia tries hard to establish a bond with her stepdaughter who cannot forgive her father for forgetting Elena so quickly. And soon Katya is in for a new shock: Mikhail feels sick right at work and suddenly dies. The official verdict is a heart attack.

Katya is convinced that her parents were killed. She has no evidence, and even her boyfriend believes Katya is going insane. The only person who believes her is her father’s business partner Sergey Larin. Thanks to his involvement they manage to prove that Mikhail’s death was no accident: additional forensic examination confirms that Mikhail was poisoned. The suspects are the financial director of Mikhail’s company, Natalia and… Sergey Larin. Who, as it turns out, used to be Natalia’s lover. And soon Katya also joins the cohort of suspects: the pills her father was poisoned with have been found in her apartment.

Katya understands that everything that happened to her and her family is no accident. Somebody is cruelly and mercilessly killing the Yudin family…

Director: Maksim Bernadsky
Producer: Viktor Mirsky, Yevgeniy Lyaschenko, Natalia Stribuk, Irina Chernyak, Elena Malkova, Anna Skok
Director of photography: Maksim Bayev
Scriptwriter: Svetlana Levashova

Darya Plakhtiy, Vera Shpak, Vsevolod Boldin, Sergey Dzyalyk, Vladimir Lilitsky, Pavel Tekuchev, Sasha Bodnar, and others.