Landscaping with Andrey Karanda

  • Genre: educational program
  • Type: TV program
  • Year: 2018
  • Status: completed
  • Production: ТРК Корисне ТБ
  • Running time: 42 х 15 min

You dream to grow a flowerbed like in foreign fashion magazines, but instead, all your attempts turn into grandma’s garden patch? It’s time you learned something new. Andrey Karanda knows where, what and how to plant to impress others. Stop crying over roses under the blazing sun. Grow colorful crops and enjoy a stunning view while sipping your coffee. Only practical advice - what plants it is better to choose for your balcony, what seeds it is better to plant on the rooftop, why it’s necessary to heat a pail, what you can please your neighbors in the backyard of an apartment building with, and how to plan your own spacious garden. Fancy landscape design is easy.