The territory of FILM.UA Studio hosts the office and the service area of Sattelecom company that specializes in the distribution of television signal via AMOS3 satellite.

AMOS satellite group is considered to be one of the most popular on the territory of Ukraine — over 2.5 million TV antennas in our country are directed on it.

At the moment, AMOS satellite group concentrates the main Ukrainian TV channels, which are in the twenty top rated ones, they are namely: Inter, Novy Channel, ICTV, 1+1, Megasport and etc.

In October 2009, the company launched a terrestrial satellite station, UKR-Sattelecom 001, which ensures uninterrupted delivery of the television signal to the satellite. It should be noted that UKR-Sattelecom 001 is the most technically advanced station in Ukraine as of today. The signal hoist is effected with the help of 3.7 m long antenna produced by Angrew USA, high-frequency equipment by ND Satcom Germany and the digital part made by Harmonic USA.

The company also has a fiber-optic line with the backup from the starting point to the location of satellite station, which is used for the SDI signals delivery of television channels