Lethal Kittens

  • Genre: drama, comedy, war drama
  • Type: theatrical feature film
  • Year: 2020
  • Status: completed
  • Production:
  • Running time: 110 min

Ukraine's army is in tatters following years of neglect &
corruption. When Russia invades in 2014, victory seems
guaranteed. But an actor, a florist, a football coach, and a retired
engineer volunteer to defend Ukraine on the front line. Unaware
of the pivotal role they will play in the war, they discover the
meaning of true leadership.
This is a film that Putin doesn’t want you to see.

Director: Volodymyr Tykhyi
Producer: Marko Suprun, Ihor Savychenko, Volodymyr Tykhyi, Dmytro Kozhema, Stefan Bandera
Director of photography: Serhii Stetsenko
Scriptwriter: Volodymyr Tykhyi

Dmytro Tuboltsev, Dmytro Khomiak, Vira Klymkovetska, Stanislav Bzhezinskyi, Petro Mykytiuk, Yaroslav Fedorchuk, Serhii Solopai, Mykhailo Kukuiuk


2021 Diploma for the Best Director in the National Film Competition – Crown Carpathian Film Festival, Truskavets, Ukraine (Volodymyr Tykhyy)