In Kyiv, filming started for A Place in the Sun, an action melodrama about love, treason and forgiveness

• 19.03.2021

FILM.UA Group and Ukraina TV channel started filming a 16-episode project A Place in the Sun. 

The story’s protagonist is a regular small-town girl Marta Raytsyna who was forced to escape her birthplace after an unfair murder accusation. Under an alias, she gets into a home belonging to Igor Parfyonov running for a mayor of the country’s capital and his large family. Here Marta meets and falls in love with Aleksey, Parfyonov’s stepson, who has been covertly fighting his stepfather for many years. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Marta is the wife of Dmitry, Parfyonov’s youngest son, a well-known streetracer and playboy, who married her to get under his father’s skin but with time fell in love for real.  

Nikita Sannikov, a detective who has been trying to dig up some dirt on this family for a while, finds out by accident who Parfyonov’s daughter-in-law really is.  

Threatening to put Marta in jail for the murder, Sannikov makes her spy on the Parfyonov family. Marta finds herself in the center of a big and serious game with money, personal revenge, financial fraud and human passions mixed in.  

On the first filming day Alina Chebotaryova, director, traditionally broke a plate. Almost all actors playing lead roles gathered at the set: somebody had work on that day and somebody came specially to witness the ritual. This is what the director told about the new series:  

“Our project has many interesting characters the audience will surely love and lots of plot lines which constantly and sometimes unexpectedly intertwine. And each story is founded on some meaning. Of course, it is a love story, a tale about a feeling withstanding trials and saving people, about passionate burning love, adultery, treason, and forgiveness. And one of the main messages is the following: everyone finds their way to salvation through love.”  

And even though A Place in the Sun is a classical melodrama by genre it also contains some elements of the criminal drama. Each character of the film has their own truth, and each one faces a difficult choice. And in the end, everyone gets what they deserve…  

The series has a powerful cast. The audience will see their favorite actors: Viktor Saraykin, Elena Shevchenko, Aleksey Yarovenko, Kirill Kuznetsov, Pavel Vishnyakov, Ekaterina Tyshkevich, Sergey Dzyadyk, Dmitry Sova, Vitaliy Saliy, Darya Tregubova along with young faces including the actress playing Marta, Tatyana Ratnikova.  

We congratulate the project team on the start of filming and wish them successful shifts!  

About the project:

The treason of a man she loved divided the life of Marta Raytsyna, a regular shop assistant from the small town of Vasilyevsk, into before and after. The girl was unfairly accused of murder and forced to escape her hometown. Her accidental meeting with Dmitry Parfyonov brings Marta to the capital, into the wealthy home of his father Igor Parfyonov running for the post of city mayor. Each member of the seemingly well-to-do family has their skeletons in the closet to hide. And Marta who has to live in this home under an alias will suddenly find herself in the center of a big and serious game with money, personal revenge, financial fraud and human passions mixed in.  

Marta will have to overcome many trials to win back her honest name, find her true love and obtain her “place in the sun”.  

Director: Alina Chebotaryova

DOP: Konstantin Vorobyov  

Producers: Viktoria Korogod, Natalia Strybuk, Irina Chernyak, Viktor Mirsky, Elena Malkova, Ekaterina Shvets.  

Screenwriters: Elena Malkova, Aleksey Sivolap, Maria Bek,  Lev Karpov, Elena Zuyeva, Andrey Pertsen.

Cast: Tatyana Ratnikova, Aleksey Yarovenko, Kirill Kuznetsov, Pavel Vishnyakov, Elena Shevchenko, Viktor Saraykin, Dmitry Sova, Ekaterina Tyshkevich, Darya Tregubova, Nadezhda Khilskaya, Sergey Dzyadyk, Vitaliy Saliy, EvaShevchenko-Golovko, Zakhar Shadrin, Andrey Fedinchik, Svetlana Zelbet, Elena Turbal, Natalya Klenina, Elena Dudich, Anastasia Korol.