Premiere: Women’s Secrets TV show becomes evening prime time leader

• 25.05.2020

Women’s Secrets melodrama has become a leader among the main four audiences, having obtained high rankings and viewing share!

On May 11, Ukraina TV channel started premiere broadcasts of Women’s Secrets, a 12-episode melodrama. And literally immediately the project became a confident leader in prime slot for all main audiences: 18-54 (50+), 18+ (50+), 18-54 (Ukr) and 18+ (Ukr).


The project’s share exceeded the channel share for all four audiences by 50 per cent on average.

The viewing audience (4+) amounted to 3 million 640 thousand people. In total, the coverage for 12 episodes has amounted to 9 million 399 thousand viewers.

The ranking and share for commercially active audience 18-54 (50+) has amounted to 3.92% and 11.79% respectively, with the peak share being 16.47%.

The average ranking and viewing share during the last week of broadcasts amounted to the following: 18-54 (50+) 3.92% and 13.9%; 18+ (50+) 9.37% and 26.1%; 18-54 (Ukr) 4.23% and 14.7%; 18+ (Ukr) 9.95% and 25.1%.

Congratulations to the TV show crew and everyone who worked on melodrama production on the successful premiere!


About the project

Marta works as a psychologist in a prestigious junior college. She has a successful carrier, a handsome fiancé Timur and dreams about starting a family. Suddenly Marta finds out that her student Yulia is pregnant and wants to have an abortion. Yulia is 17 years old; her mother died a couple of years ago. And Marta, remembering the mistakes of her youth, decides to tell Yulia’s father about everything…

But Yulia’s father Ivan turns out to be Marta’s first and greatest love she broke up with 12 years ago. It looks like destiny gives Marta and Ivan a second chance for love and trust but will they be able to forgive each other? And which course will the life of 17-year-old Yulia take?

Cast: Valeria Lanskaya, Prokhor Dubravin, Irina Grishak, Vlad Nikityuk, Lyudmila Zagorskaya, Malkhaz Abuladze, Erik Abramovich, Viktoria Litvinenko, Pavel Vishnyakov, and others.

Screenwriters: Maria Bek, Elena Boyko

Director: Maksim Mekheda

Cameraman: Artem Vasilyev

Producers: Viktor Mirsky, Aleksey Rizvanyuk