The first official poster of the full-length documentary “Back to Basics.Wedding” was presented

• 21.05.2020

FILM.UA Television, which is part of the FILM.UA Group, presents the official poster of its documentary “Back to Basics.Wedding”. Currently, this project is in the production stage, and its director and camera operator will be Oleksii Huz. The film is planned for the national theatrical show in 2020-2021

“Back to Basics.Wedding” is a full-length documentary about wedding customs and rites from different parts of Ukraine. This film will immerse the viewer in the world of rich, striking and diverse wedding culture of 8 regions of the country: Kyiv, Cherkasy, Chernihiv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Zakarpattia, Kharkiv, Rivne and Chernivtsi.

Modern cinematic audio-visual solutions will allow to present in the film the main participants and characters of the Ukrainian wedding, traditional rituals and attributes, authentic costumes, music and singing.

The presented poster features the traditional wedding image of the bride of Cherkasy region, Cherkasy district, Yasnoziria village. 

The project authors pay special attention to the accuracy of each element presenting. Thus, all the costumes shown in the film are authentic national costumes that are carefully preserved in private collections, and the songs performed are yet unknown regional wedding songs that were specially found, recorded and played for “Back to Basics.Wedding”.

In addition to actors who present wedding ceremonies on the screen, famous historians, folklorists, ethnographers, collectors – Mariia Kvitka, Roksoliana Shymchuk, Oleksandra Storchai, Volodymyr Shchybria, Ihor Perevertniuk – also starred in the project. Therefore, “Wedding Heritage” is not just a unique collection of hitherto unknown materials, testimonies and reconstructions, it is also a film about people who dedicated their lives to preserve and restore the Ukrainian traditional culture. 

“Ukraine is a large country with a huge amount of traditions, rites and customs. This cannot but impress and inspire for the creation of such a project. It is extremely important for us to show Ukraine truthfully, fully, with dignity. Unfortunately, due to certain historical factors, due to certain influences, our traditions have been desecrated, devalued and sometimes even destroyed. We have lost a whole layer of culture. That is why we strive to recreate and reveal the beauty of the past, the beauty of our ancestors. “Wedding Heritage” project was created so that we could be even be more proud of our Motherland. After all, tradition leaves the most valuable thing for generations!”, comments Mariia Kvitka, scientific expert of the project.

“We have gathered the best team in Ukraine, which has been involved in this project for many years. The film is directed by Oleksii Huz, co-author of BACK TO BASICS digital project, the project consultant – Mariia Kvitka, a unique and recognized expert in the field of folklore and costume history. Moreover, well-known Ukrainian musicians and sound producers joined the film creation, and Signal Red company is engaged in graphic design. We are sure, that all this will make our film interesting not only for connoisseurs of Ukrainian folklore and traditions, but also for a mass audience that is attracted by and loves the history of its own country. We would like to express special gratitude to the Ukrainian State Film Agency and the expert jury members for their high marks given to our project and for the trust shown,” comments Olena Malkova, the film producer.

The full-length documentary “Back to Basics.Wedding” won the Twelfth Film Projects Competitive Selection held by the State Film Agency of Ukraine and received state financial support following the competition results, which were announced on October 10, 2019. The film team would like to express their gratitude to Media Resources Management, which, headed by Liubov Krokhmalna, supported the project.  

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It should be noted that “Back to Basics.Wedding” is part of the ethnographic film universe called “Back to Basics”. Many residents of the capital and the country have already had the opportunity to get acquainted with “Back to Basics” graphic and video materials when using Kyiv metro and traveling by Intercity trains.


For reference

“Back to Basics.Wedding” is a full-length ethnographic documentary about the wedding culture, customs and rites inherent in different regions of Ukraine.

Genre: documentary

Timing: 80 mins.

Language: Ukrainian

Producer: Olena Malkova

Director: Oleksii Huz

Scientific consultant of the project: Mariia Kvitka

Photography director: Oleksii Huz

Reconstruction camera operator: Yurii Bakun

Composers: Oleh Moroz Yaroslavovych, Mariia Kvitka 

Sound Engineer: Yevhenii Beldiukov 

Graphics: Signal Red

Production: FILM.UA Television 

Supported by the Ukrainian State Film Agency.