FILM.UA presents the launch of a new thematic quest guided tour based on Polina And The Secret of Film Studio movie

• 23.07.2019

The very this week, a new interactive program based on the plot of Polina And The Secret of Film Studio movie will be launched.

Currently, FILM.UA has several options for guided tours around the studio: classic tours, VIP tours, guided tours including watching a movie or a cartoon in the cinema, a lunch, a lecture on 3D animation, a record in a real recording studio, stunt show, and even more! This week, FILM.UA film studio presents a new guided tour program related to the upcoming Polina And The Secret of Film Studio movie, which will be screened starting from August 22.

The guided tour will not be just thematic, but also interactive. The new program differs from the previous ones because now our guests will be invited to participate in the quest, go along Polina movie route and win prizes for completing tasks. We are tempted to tell more but are bound to weave our intrigue to avoid spoilers!

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