The Stolen Princess Opens a Set of Ukrainian Screenings at EFM

• 10.02.2017

For the second year in a row, FILM.UA Group actively participates in the European Film Market, the biggest European market of content which opened yesterday under the aegis of Berlin International Film Festival.

The company has its own stand presenting full-length feature projects to be released in the nearest future: The Stronghold (October 12, 2017), The Stolen Princess (March 7, 2018) and Mavka. The Forest Song (2019). We hope that the first content market of 2017 will help us extend the already impressive list of territories The Stronghold and The Stolen Princess have been sold to.  

The Stolen Princess became the market headliner; on February 11, the screening of working materials is planned, which will open the screening program for Ukrainian content at the market. Just a reminder: a year ago, it was at EFM that the first international screening of this animation feature took place. The second screening was in November, at AFM in Los Angeles. And on the eve of the market opening, on February 7, the international teaser was released. Besides, postproduction and localization services for content will also be presented at this market, by such companies of FILM.UA Group as Postmodern Digital, Postmodern, DCU, Tak Treba Production, and Signal Red. We’ll also showcase our innovations, i.e. VR and AR content which FILM.UA Group actively develops on its own and in the international partnerships.

An important task of FILM.UA Group delegation is the search for international partners for projects in different stages, including those in development. Among them is the 8-episode series Lemberg based on a collection of detective stories by Bohdan Kolomyichuk. All stories share the same setting – early 20th century, city of Lemberg (currently Lviv), and the character of Adam Wistowicz the detective. Another project is the screening of Felix Austria, a novel by Sofia Andrukhovich; recently FILM.UA announced the acquisition of rights for it. Moreover, FILM.UA Group producers participate intensively in the business program of the market.


Another reminder: the rights to demonstration of Ukrainian fantasy film The Stronghold were sold still at the filming stage to Italy, Spain, Iran, Japan, as well as to France and French-speaking territories. Besides, a pre-sale agreement for the film was signed with China. The Stolen Princess animation strip is already sold to more than 20 territories, among them China, South Korea, France and French-speaking countries, Poland, Bulgaria, Israel, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and countries of the MENA region.