It's been a great year. Thank you for sharing it with us.

• 05.01.2015

It's been a great year. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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These albums on FB flicker before your eyes and leave no one indifferent.

Someone silently deletes them from timeline. Someone boils over because the outgoing year can hardly be called great. Some albums are filled with photos from the hot spots. Others are glad that life goes on. But life has its own laws. It continues while we are alive.

And so goes with FILM.UA.

We've worked a lot this year, and if to choose the pictures that could illustrate 2014, it would be photos from film sets, dubbing and editing studios, markets, exhibitions, festivals.

Let's take a look at them and sum up all these events.

In 2014 we've produced series "Later regret", "House with the lilies", "Light o'love", "The robbers wore lipstick", "Personal record", "The history of criminalistics". The first three projects received high ratings and shares. Particularly we were inspired by TV viewing figures of Vladimir Krasnopolsky's saga that took a 41.41% share and 12.90% rating (audience 18+), and in Russia the average share was more than 30%, and 10% rating.

TV channels "Ukraine" and TVC (Russia) broadcast a unique series of docudramas "Great dreamers"

In February, Signal Red created an amazing project, dedicated to the 200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko. Shevchenko Prize winners and Starlight Media TV hosts read the quatrains of the great poet. The shooting took place in the 20 days of February. Each of us will remember these days. And these simple poems familiar to us from childhood acquired a new meaning.

We released the second season of "Eskimo girl". Children can watch the cartoon about the adventures in the Arctic every Saturday on TET and every Sunday on 1+1, as well as on the Internet. We are working on licensing and merchandising, we develop our characters as a brand. Here, where people like to pirate content, but do not like to pay for the idea, it's a very hard work. But we do not give up.

We've started producing films for theatrical distribution. Youth romantic comedy "Single by the contract" was released on 78 screens and became not only the first step in the line of theatrical releases, but also incredibly useful and valuable experience for us.

For the first time we produced cinematics War Thunder, with a symbolic slogan "Victory will be ours", and it collected 4.5 million online views.

In total we've produced 123 episodes with the overall timing of 78 hours. Held a total of 29 premieres and 221 broadcast.

Currently we're working on "The Hellene", which will be released in January on Inter, the second season of The Sniffer, which audiences of Channel One in Russia and ICTV in Ukraine look forward to.

Oksana Bayrak's film "Sharing a gift" is completed, the production stage of her new melodrama "The One" was also completed.

Shooting of a detective "Mayor and Magic" is continuing. The adaptation of the Catalan format "The Red Band society" is in the postproduction stage. 

Animagrad is working on the third season of "Eskimo girl", draws new worlds for characters of "Ruslan and Lyudmila" and tries to figure out how Mavka should look like...

FILM.UA Television also had a productive year: "Lawsuits", "Family Court", "Criminal cases", "Mystical Tales", "Doctor Komarovsky's School", animated programme "In the world of people" created by a unique technology for the Quarter 95 show "Evening Kiev". In general, we released 524 episodes, 350 hours of running time, 12 premieres and 744 broadcasts in Ukraine, Russia, Israel and other countries.


In May, we started working on a unique project - a documentary about Okean Elzy. And in June, we have documented the Kiev concert on the Olympic NSC. British D.O.P., 22 cameras, 16 microphones...We have set a task to convey the energy of a stadium filled with 75,000 spectators. And in February, we will present the project in cinemas. This will be the first time in the history of Ukraine. But we are used to be first.

We decided to count how many viewers watched our products. Around 150 million of people in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States, Israel, Bulgaria. We hope that in 2015 the number will become even greater.

Our projects this year were sold to 60 countries! An important event is the air of Vanga in Bulgaria and Macedonia. There has been an unprecedented case when the format "The Sniffer" was sold to France's largest broadcaster TF1. Most prestigious film magazines wrote about us. A huge banner at the Palais during the autumn exhibition MIPCOM brought to our booth many useful people

In general, we've visited a huge amount of professional events, and spent time with benefits. Discop Instambul, MIPTV, KMW, MIPCOM, ATF Market, The Remakes Market - France, Ukraine, Singapore, China. Our projects, "Inseparable", "The Sniffer", "Archimedes", "Leonardo", "The Road to nowhere", "Chapay", "Mystical Tales" won 13 awards at 14 festivals.

Our postproduction company continued enlighten the masses: Postmodern studio dubbed 34 films, 85 trailers, worked on 28 projects in postproduction. Our Dolby studio made the sound for "The Tribe" , which is the most titled Ukrainian film in its history. DCU has made 4367 copies of 145 films for cinemas, Tak Treba Production voiced over 3,100 hours of content, 117 hours of dubbing, 460 hours of subtitling.

This year we created our own YouTube channel. And number of visitors exceeded 20 million, the number of subscribers we have - 16 000. People from 10 countries spent nearly 500 million hours watching movies and TV shows from our library. And the special content that we create for YouTube - mediablog "Television Network", "Mediachtivo", backstage videos, trailers and teasers.

Despite the most pessimistic forecasts and incredible difficulties in September, we traditionally held Kiev Media Week that gathered 167 participants from 17 countries.

At the same time with our support was held Animation Festival Linoleum, which accepted 100 entries from 48 countries, and invited world-famous animators Garri Bardin and Bill Plympton.

We have launched a unique project - FILM.UA Faculty. It held 15 workshops, attended by over 2,000 people. Interest generated by the speech of professionals working in film and television once again confirms that our country can and should have a media industry. We also launched a film camp where 75 children got a glimpse of our beautiful cine world.

36 projects were shot in our soundstages, among them such large-scale shows like "Everybody dance!", "Ukraine Got Talent" (STB), "The Passion on the floor", "Alice in Wonderland" (channel "Ukraine"). Movies, advertisements and even electoral videos...

Soundstages and cinema became locations for nearly 25 external events. More than 500 people came to enjoy the studio tour, and 3000 people visited our NoName Club.

And it would not be possible without the people who work with us. Without their love for the profession, talent, enthusiasm and optimism.