The Red Bands started production

• 28.07.2014

FILM.UA and ABK Production has started filming the local version of the popular Spanish series. 

The Red Bands (Polseres vermelles) - a Catalonian series released in 2011 has immediately gained popularity among Spanish audiences. 9 countries are producing local versions of the series. The Italian version has recently aired on Italian TV. In the meantime, FOX has announced the premiere date of the American Red Bands. 

The creator and the scriptwriter of the series, Albert Espinosa, based the series on his own memories of the time spent in various hospitals. He overcame malignant bone cancer and, just like the main character, lost a leg to the disease. 

The setting of the show is a children's hospital, which is not so different from the real world - children fall in love and learn what friendship is, face real world dilemmas and deal with the pain and suffering inevitably coming their way. However, the narrative is surprisingly life-affirming and touching.

Oksana Bychkova (Piter-FM, Plus One, One More Year) and Natalya Meschaninova (School, The Hope Factory) will be directing the series. Filming will take place in Moscow, Tuapse, and Barcelona. 

The children actor line-up includes Philip Ershov, Gleb Kolyuzhny, Denis Paramonov, Azamat Aliev, Kozma Kotrelv, and Anastasiya Miloslavkaya.  Anna Michalkova, Dar'ya Moroz, Evgeny Zyganov, Madlen Dzhabrailova, Olga Sutulova, Karolina Grushka, Maria Shalaeva, Vladas Bagdonas, Sergey Yushkevitch, Andrey Kazakov have joined the adult line-up of actors. 

Produced by: Olga Volodina, Elena Kotunova, Victor Mirsky.

Series to premiere on Channel One, Russia and STB,  Ukraine in 2015.