Strangers and Dearest

  • Genre: melodrama
  • Type: series
  • Year: 2016
  • Slogan: -
  • Status: completed
  • Production: AVK production
  • Running time: 4 episodes

The surgeon, cardiologist Lydia lives happily with her husband Arkady for decade. But on the day of his death, a woman finds out that her husband cheated on her, and his young mistress Maya is pregnant. She wants to keep the baby in the hospital, because she has no money and she is not allowed to the hostel. Lydia comes to visit the Maya in the hospital. The doctor takes her by the mother of his patients and asks Lydia to persuade the girl not to leave the child. In addition, Maya, after a difficult birth can not have children. Lydia realizes that would not give up Arcadia's son in the lurch...

Director: Kira Angelina, Elena Yakovleva
Producer: Elena Kotunova, Olga Volodina
Executive producer: Mikhail Volodin
Director of photography: Olga Livinsky
Scriptwriter: Elena Verzhak, Natalia Sidorovskaya
Art director: Atsamaz Dzivaev

Ekaterina Volkova, Daniil Spivakovsky, Elena Muravieva, Sergey Karjakin, Andrei Mezhulis